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Sifu Evert van der Meulen

Sifu Evert van der Meulen

  • Member of the WeiTo Quality Team
  • Historian to the WeiTo Family
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Introduction to Evert van der Meulen

Evert van der Meulen is the eldest student of Jeff Hasbrouck having started his introduction to this tradition in 1981. Below is a summary of Everts walk along the martial art path.

Evert van der Meulen was born March 17, 1958, in Wageningen, the Netherlands. He began his martial arts career at 15, studying Kempo under Fred Kramer. After two years of training Evertís thirst for knowledge led him to R. Faulhaber. R. Faulhaber taught Evert a mixture of Kempo and Kun Tao based styles. At 18 Evert continued along his path, this time under the tutelage of a White Eyebrow boxing (Pak Mei Pai) teacher by the name of Jie Kon Sieuw. He also trained simultaneously in Shaolin Kempo under Klass Padberg Evenboer.

In 1980, through hard work and dedication, Evert received his second Dan black belt in Shaolin Kempo. This year, however, has even more precious memories for Evert as he made a very important research trip to Hong Kong with his friend and Kempo teacher Klaas Padberg Evenboer. It was while in Hong Kong Evert had the opportunity to meet famous teachers such as Leung Ting, Yip Chun, Ma Fay Lung, Lee Koon Hung, Lo Wai Keung, Yuen Man Kai, etc.

However, the deepest impression Evert received was in Victoria Park. This was a turning point in Evertís life and an event that he will never forget. An American disciple, Jeff Hasbrouck, trained here with his master Sifu Lai Ng Sam. After a short introduction, both Jeff and Lai Ng Sam demonstrated the extraordinary, yet beautiful Iron Wire Boxing form to Evert and his friend. Evert was deeply moved by the combination of rapid and slow movements and sounds interwoven into this wonderful and rare form. The performance instilled a burning desire to learn the system in Evert. A correspondence soon ensured between he and Jeff that resulted in an eventual meeting and learning process in 1981 when Jeff and his wife set up home in the United Kingdom. Evert’s dream became a reality.

In 1981 there was also another transformation taking place in Evert’s life. While at a workshop on Zen Shiatsu in the Netherlands, Evert met Sensei Sazaki. Since that time Evert immersed himself in many courses to eventually become a technical engineer. These workshops were the basis for Evertís decision to change his vocation to that of a qualified physiotherapist, with the option to further specialize as an Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD). This combination of work and pastime/hobby integrated exceptionally well into his way of life.

In 1986 Evert stopped teaching Shaolin Kempo in Arnhem and concentrated on the Nam Siu Lam Hung Ga Kuen system.

1996 allowed Evert to gain a great deal of information of traditional knowledge, especially on the healing aspects of traditional kung fu. This is the primary reason why Evert currently concentrates himself on writing articles and, more importantly, books about these forgotten formulae and their interrelation. Still further his goal is to introduce the outside world to this historical knowledge about Nam Siu Lam Hung Ga Kuen. One of the main reasons for publishing all this knowledge is to fight against the bastardisation present in the Chinese boxing arts. Speaking in Yin-Yang terms, Evert calls it, “traditional kung fu against modern Wushu”. The secondary goal is to pay respect to the direct lineage holders succeeding our famous master Tit Kiu Sam.