As you can see our tradition has been handed down through time from teacher to student. The current custodian of the lineage is Jeff Hasbrouck the favourite student of Lai Ng Sam.

Before Lai Ng Sam died in November 1995 he handed the responsibility of the tradition to Jeff Hasbrouck. Through this act Jeff Hasbrouck became the true custodian of the lineage, responsible for preserving and developing the tradition.

In time Jeff Hasbrouck will nominate those he wishes to add to the lineage and they will inherit the responsibility for preserving and protecting The Lineage and its Tradition. Currently Jeff has not yet nominated any custodians or added any of his students to the lineage.

Below you will find the translation of the succession document and a copy of the original, but first we must sadly discuss pretenders & corruptors.

Formal Statement of Exit

As of the 5th September 2012 Mike Mousavi (Ghader Mousavi-Ashraf) is no longer a member of the Wei To organisation. He is no longer a part of the Lai Ng Sam Lineage. His exit is documented as such: A Sifu that has left under a cloud while pending a verdict of a review for: A Sifu exhibiting conduct not in keeping with the values of the Wei To. Any of his students who wish to remain within the Wei To lineage are welcome at any of the alternative Wei To clubs.

Pretenders & Corruptors

A number of people have attempted to farm our tradition. This is a common problem for all traditional schools, and is something that is difficult to control as much of what we do is based on trust and integrity. What does require a public declaration is when an individual attempts to subvert or falsley claim the Lineage. One such person is Klass Padberg Evenboer, who claims to be the successor of Lai Ng Sam. In reality he was introduced to Lai Ng Sam by Jeff Hasbrouck and only trained for a few short hours with him. It is true that Klass was a student of our tradition through Evert van der Mulen but he was only taught a small part up to the Modern Ng Ying Kuen before his training stopped.

His attempt to hijack the lineage, and the statements on his home page are generally untrue and disrespectful. We can only guess that Klass feels insecure about his martial arts and standing in the martial art world and the European Hung Gar Association EHGA. Klass Padberg Evenboer is not the successor of Lai Ng Sam; he has only had access to a small part of our syllabus and is not a representative of our tradition.

Alas another individual who requires a mention is Mr Phil Dandridge. Mr Phil Dandridge was a private student of Jeff Hasbrouck for a period. During this time he managed to train Nam Siu Lam Hung Ga Kuen till the level of Ng Ying Kuen. Mr Phil Dandridge is involved in a diversity of other martial arts, and developed himself in different areas, not related to our family art. Therefore we absolutely can (and will) not take any responsibilities for the presented skills.

In this we claim that Mr Phil Dandridge is not a qualified teacher of our system or a representative of our organization. We are not responsible for the art and skills presented by Mr Phil Dandridge, as he never reached the level of an accomplished artist in our organization. In our eyes his skills, knowledge and understandings of our family system: ‘Nam Siu Lam Hung Ga Kuen’, is beneath the level of acceptance. It is our intent with this official statement - to keep our historical family record bright & clean to outside participants & readers.

The reason we have decided to publish our succession documentation is in part due to these unprincipled attempts.

Translation of the Succession Document

11th November 1995.

Tit Kiu Sam was the teacher of Zen-master Yan Gong. Master Hang Yat Siu was a student in the orthodox style of Zen-master Yan Gong.

During the second world war, when China was occupied by the Japanese, he ‘returned to the world’ (stopped being a monk). Lai Ng Sam is a second generation disciple of Yan Gong Sim Si. Jeff Hasbrouck is the favourite (translator: read loveable) student of sifu Lai Ng Sam.

After 8 years of war Hang Yat Siu and Lai Ng Sam returned to the Shaolin temple and stayed there for 8 months. Later this Shaolin temple would be closed down by the Japanese.They lead a wandering life. Somewhat later a Zen- master Lieuw Jian brought them to the White Horse Temple in the province of Guangxi. They lived there for one year and eight months. After the Second World War they went back to the Shaolin Temple and helped to rebuild this monastery. Later they left the temple and started wandering again. During their travels they collected money for rebuilding a smaller Shaolin temple. A pitty, the civil-war broke out and again it was necessary to wander. Selling Dit Da Jiu as a way of living. Somewhat later they decided to stay in the city of Canton (Guangzhou). and here Hang Yat Siu accepted five more students. After the civil-war Hang Yat Siu gave all his money to his students (to escape).

Lai Ng Sam went to Hong Kong, here he earned his living by teaching Kung Fu. Later he start working for the government of Hong Kong. In this period he accepted Jeff Hasbrouck as his student. Jeff Hasbrouck learned from Lai Ng Sam, in approximate six years, 90% of his kung fu knowledge.

Lai Ng Sam is this year 67 years old and is still passionate about spreading the boxing art of Nam Siu Lam Hung Ga Kuen. Lai Ng Sam gives (translator: by this letter) official permission to put his name (Jeff Hasbrouck) under my name. Also does Jeff Hasbrouck have the right to put his students names in this (our) lineage.

Lai Ng Sam

Copy of the Succession Document

Copy of the Succession Document