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Sifu Wayne Armstrong

Sifu Wayne Armstrong

  • Secretary to the Weito Family
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Introduction to Wayne Armstrong

Wayne Armstrong has been studying Martial Arts since he was eleven. He was fortunate in 1993 to meet and become a private student of Jeff Hasbrouck and has been studying the tradition as handed down through this lineage since then. Wayne has travelled and studied marital arts through out Hong Kong and China. For a period from 1995 Wayne travelled annually to Hong Kong training in Victoria Park and other parks through out Hong Kong.

From the late 1990’s Wayne has studied Western Meditation and with support from his Meditation teacher developed a good understanding of the Biology and Psychology of Stress and Stress Management. In 2003 Wayne started his training in Chinese Massage (TuiNa) partaking in an intensive spring course, giving a grounding in basic Chinese medical theory and practical massage application.

In 2005 Wayne travelled with his Sifu and fellow kung fu family around China visiting and training at martial art schools and locations including the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Academy, the Taoist Marshal Art Schools in Wudang and the Chen Tai Chi Academy.

In 2006 Wayne travelled to Hong Kong and southern China travelling and training with a fellow Kung Fu brother. The 2006 trip included a pilgrimage into southern China visiting the village of Futshan (in Guangdong) which is the birth place of Jeff Hasbrouck’s teacher Lai Ng Sam, visiting the Haizhuang (Temple) Park in Guangdong where Lai Ng Sam lived at different times before the Cultural Revolution. He also visited the Wong Fei Hung and Yip Man museums where additionally there is a beautiful temple.

In June 2007 Wayne travelled with his sifu Jeff Hasbrouck and fellow kung fu brothers Joe Cater and Jerry Burgess around southern China visiting Hong Kong, Lan Tau, Guilin, Yangshou, Guangdong and Futshan. Visiting the beautiful sites of these areas, and spending the morning and evening training in local parks in these areas.

In April 2008 Wayne travelled to Hong Kong and Guangdong, Foshan with a few of his students, training in the parks and visiting areas of interest. In August 2008 Wayne travelled back to Hong Kong for a month training and relaxing visiting friends and family.

The Aug/Sept 2009 Trip resulted into further travelles into southern china, starting in Hong Kong/Lan Tau and spending time in and around Zhuhai & Foshan. Weather was great, if not alittle crazy hot. Spent some time with a traditional Chinese Wrestling Sifu and started cross training... great Sifu, great training.

Photos from Hong Kong

Wayne spent May 2010 in Hong Kong visiting family, training in the park & continuing cross training with the Chinese Wrestling Sifu he met the previous year. WeiTo Swindons second China Trip embarked on a tour of Hong Kong, Lan Tau, Foshan, Guilin, Yang Shou, Yellow Mountain in Oct 2010. Wayne is taking a break from travelling to China in 2011.

Wayne teaches for the love of the art, he looks to work with people with an interest in their own personal development regardless of age, gender, physical fitness or ability.