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Sigung Jeff hasbrouck

Sigung Jeff Hasbrouck

Introduction to Jeff Hasbrouck

Born in the USA, Jeff left for Europe in 1968. While in Amsterdam he studied Tai Ji Quan and was drawn to Asia to further his spiritual and martial art interests. In 1977 Jeff and his wife moved to Hong Kong.

Jeff was introduced to Yong Sek Yee a second generation teacher of Wu Style Tai Ji, and became a dedicated student. It was during this period of training that a kungfu brother CC Wong suggested that Jeff balanced his martial arts training by also studying southern shaolin Chinese boxing. CC Wong introduced Jeff to Lai Ng Sam and after months of gruelling training was accepted as a student.

Lai Ng Sam and Jeff Hasbrouck practicing

Jeff was fortunate in being able to dedicated years of his life to studying with both of his teachers without many distractions. Jeff trained with Lai Ng Sam daily morning and evening, for several years. During this time Jeff also became a proficient acupuncturist, Chinese painter and studied Chinese arts and culture.

Jeff returned to Europe in the early 80’s and began teaching Southern Chinese boxing and has continued to do so to the present day. Jeff visited his teacher in Hong Kong as often as he could and in 1995 was urgently called back to Hong Kong to be by the side of his sick and dying Sifu. Jeff was apointed by Lai Ng Sam as the offical successor to this lineage of southern Chinese Boxing. Jeff has continued to study and teach and has a number of students who with his approval continue to teach and further the art. These are Evert van der Meulen, Ian Macleod, Jerry Burgess, Mike Mousavi and Wayne Armstrong. Jeff has yet to nominate any disciples.